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Rock mechanics engineers contributes to society

From hard rock to sociatal benefits. Our daily work in analysis, modelling, interpretation and rock mass field studies contributes to great benefits for the society. Rock Mechanics Engineers - stand proud!

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Our new Principal!

Core logging and slope design

Open pit mining in Pajala is conducted by Kaunis Iron AB, and Itasca is provding rock mechanical slope design.

With future tunnels in mind

”What happens if we make the tunnel wider and if it is situated at greater depth? How does the rock react if the tunnel is two tracks wide instead of just one?” The opportunity to work with modeling attracted Jennifer to stay in Luleå. Now she does her Master’s thesis work at Itasca.

Daniel tests the rock’s limits in theory and practice

Daniel was to work with soil, but an enthusiastic teacher got him interested in rocks. One pizza party at Itasca lead him right into an exciting thesis where he gets to test the rock’s limits.

International competence a strength for Itasca - shaft project

How can one excavate stable shafts in difficult rock conditions at large depths? Itasca was tasked to seek the answer to this question and has used worldwide experience and knowledge!

Researcher in a class by himself

The dream of working with house and bridge construction made Bruno study civil engineering. When he got the taste for research, his professional life took a new turn. This led him into the world of rock mechanics!

Blasting conference for the world's experts

When all the world's experts in blasting are gathered in Luleå for conferencing, Itasca is obviously there as well! The Chief Technical Officer of Itasca, Jason Furtney, tells about Itasca's role in successful blasting for diamond extraction.

3 x PhD

During two intense weeks at the end of October and beginning of November, three students obtained their doctoral degrees in rock mechanics at the Luleå University of Technology.

Safe review results in good marks for the mine!

The Tara zinc mine in Ireland gets high marks from Itasca's staff, who has reviewed the rock mechanics work at the mine. They also give "thumbs up" for mining upwards, toward the ground surface!

We help clients to measure correctly!

What can be measured in rock? How should measurements be done? What methods are suitable? How should the results be interpreted? What actions are required? Itasca will help you find the answers!

Itasca's model provide new knowledge on tunnel failure - new research presented at the Ground Support Symposium

When the tunnel passage under the Maria Magdalena Church was to be constructed, the unthinkable happened. The tunnel failed and created a sink hole beneath the cemetary.

Itasca - when you want to be sure!

How does the ground surface move when you mine deeper? Is rock reinforcement necessary? What is the effect of back-filling an open pit once it is mined? How steep can the slopes in an open pit be made?

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