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When the headhunter called Henrik to ask what he wanted to work with if he changed workplace the answer was easy. He wanted to go back to the art of engineering!

The path lead right into Itasca, where he amongst other things continues to work with the favorite project since five years ago: Västlänken in Gothenburg.

He would become an architect and was first on the waitlist for the admission to the university.

At least ONE person would drop out, right? But no, that did not happen, and Henrik Eklund decided to try the mining engineering program for a year – pending the architecture program.

– I would have the benefit of having studied physics, math, and mechanics for the future says Henrik and continues that he already after half a year felt that the coincidence had put him on the right track. Previous students came to the school and talked about how they had done cool stuff, like designing the metro system in New York City. This was a program with many exciting possibilities!

Expert on Västlänken

After three years Henrik received his Bachelor degree in mining and geotechnical engineering. One of the first tasks was to work with the Västlänken project in Gothenburg.

– I have worked with it on and off for five years and now I am participating in the construction phase as part of my employment at Itasca. It has been a super-interesting project to be part of, says the company’s latest recruit, who is stationed at Itasca’s office in Kista.

In addition to Västlänken Henrik also works with analyses for a future underground storage for hazardous processed waste from the Rönnskär smelter.

Longed for math

– I have participated in developing a rock team at a Danish consulting firm and have also worked in big companies, with tenders and documentation. Now I am happy to be back in engineering. It was this that made me choose the profession. Finally, I get to do calculations again!

To Henrik, the ultimate rock engineering work is to be a consultant, in a global company such as Itasca.

– Here I get to do calculations, work directly towards clients and work with many different kinds of projects. I contribute to the good society and it never gets boring.

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