Download FISHLab

FISHLab is a general-purpose FISH scripting and data visualization tool for post-processing Itasca models. A beta-release is available for both two- and three-dimensional versions running on 32-bit or 64-bit processors.

FISHLab utilizes the latest OpenGL graphics and a friendly user interface – both part of the new standard framework for Itasca codes. The latest version of the FISH scripting language is fully implemented in FISHLab, giving users the power to not only view, but to work with, model data. FISHLab works by importing formatted ASCII data files which can be exported from any of Itasca code using FISH. For example, large PFC3D models on the order of 1 million particles have been analyzed using FISHLab.

In addition to high quality rendered graphics, multiple plot and script windows can be saved separately, or together as a single project. The fully integrated FISH script editor permits post-model data analysis and manipulation. FISH plot-items (lines, circles, polygons, etc.) are available to expand data visualization with complete control over such properties as transparency, color, and font. Both local and global variables can be defined and new math functions, such as vector cross- and dot-product are now available in FISH. A debugging validation tool that tests your FISH functions before executing them is also included.


  • Transparency Settings
  • DXF Import
  • Cutting Planes
  • Clip Boxes
  • FISH debugger
  • Email function
  • Measurable 3D distances and planes
  • Scale Boxes to provide a scale reference
  • Element Information via mouse cursor
  • Fully supported table and history plotting
  • Docking layout allows movable windows and tools
  • Scalar, vector, tensor, and label data can be plotted
  • Scripted and interactive FISH Range Logic
  • Associate and plot up to 6 FISH variables for each particle or disk