She wants to reveal the secrets of the underground!

It was the hidden secretes of the underground that brought Jola Świtała from Poland to Sweden, through studies in both Hungary and Holland. Now she is part of Itasca's team that keeps track of the rock. 

After three-and-a-half years engineering studies back in Poland, Jola (Jolanta) Świtała were certain about what she wanted to work with in the future. She wanted to reveal the secrets of rock! She was to take a MSc in geotechnology.

– The difficulty of analyzing and calculating how rock behaves felt like a challenge, the secrets underground appealed to me, says Jola, who choose to take an international education: "European mining and environmental program". The program is run as a cooperation between several universities in Europe. This means that he studies were done in Poland, Hungary, and Holland.

The MSc-thesis project during the last semester also led her to Västerbotten and Boliden, where she did modeling for the Lappberget deposit of the Garpenberg Mine. In her work, she used Itasca's software for 3D-modeling, and it was also through her supervisor at Boliden that she into contact with Itasca. 

Jola is now a part of Swedish Itasca team and she does not hesitate on what she likes most about that. 

What is the best with working at Itasca?

– The collegeues! The company culture! The spirit!