Itasca - when you want to be sure!

How does the ground surface move when you mine deeper? Is rock reinforcement necessary? What is the effect of back-filling an open pit once it is mined? How steep can the slopes in an open pit be made?

A potential open pit mine in northern Sweden, the new metro line to Nacka in Stockholm, the urban transformation in Kiruna, a rail road tunnel in Gothenberg - the range of work for Itasca Consultants is large and the assignments vary. But all projects share one thing; the work by Itasca guarantees safe and stable mining- and underground excavations through reliable models and sound follow-up. 

Itasca means "the true source". This is the name of the lake where the Mississippi river starts. Along the river, in Minneapolis, is the origin to the international company Itasca International Inc. This is where the technical consulting firm was established, which today is represented in thirteen countries worldwide.